what is your major malfunction, Pyle?

Frank Field, still an idiot, but not a very useful one.

The Labour MP, who was appointed poverty advisor shortly after the coalition took power in 2010, delivered his Review on Poverty and Life Chances in November that year. He now says he doesn’t believe the prime minister has read the paper, and despite some “very pleasant meetings” with cabinet ministers about his recommendations, “nothing has been done about it”.

Well, what did you fucking think, Field? Did you miss the blue rosettes everywhere? Did you think a plan that foresaw a “barrage of resources and assistance would be focused on that child, to push it ahead” would ever get implemented by the Osborne goverment?

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  1. To be fair, that’s only a rerun of what happened to FF under Blair circa 1998. Only this time they haven’t actually sacked him.


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