Update: ICM economy question

Update: in this post, I wanted to know which questions were asked in an ICM poll. ICM has now released the full tables. The question was:

You may have seen or heard that Britain slipped into a new economic downturn during the last quarter of 2012. Which do you think was the single most important reason for this?”

The crossbreak shows that 29% think “debts the Labour government racked up to fund unsustainable spending” are responsible for the double dip, 23% cuts, 21% the banks, 16% the eurozone recession. Breaking this down by party is telling; 53% of the Tories, who were 29% of the vote, blamed Labour, or to put it another way, half the people who think that do so because they are Tories. 44% of the 9% of the respondents who claimed to be UKIP did so, and a third of the 13% Lib Dems.

My point here is that there are not many people in that 29% who will ever vote Labour, as most of them are core Tories or ‘kippers. That said, 31% of the DE social group blamed Labour, which is evidently a problem.

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