Amazingly detailed discussion of how to label legal dope, at Mark Kleiman’s. He’s binned the Torah discussion group posts, but sometimes it’s hard to tell.

The Social Market Foundation graphs the economic debate or rather the respectable and therefore uninteresting bits of it. You can save your effort by putting your hand over the entire right half of the graphic, as it makes abundantly clear they’re all mad.

The satire, the reality, or is it the other way around?

API for all the libraries of America.

Liam Byrne is visibly turning into William Hague, deeply disturbing, but he is also creeping towards the Simple Plan.

I really don’t know what to make of this photo.

This is your enemy, from BMJ Tobacco Control. Our history since the early 1970s really is defined by spillover from the tobacco industry’s war on your lungs.


At some point, reorganised itself so that my RSS feed for “meetings with external organisations” started just returning a pseudorandom assortment of datasets. It is surprisingly wonderful.


A really outstanding infographic, from the South China Morning Post.

A remark that makes me reconsider whether Che wasn’t possibly just a macho windbag:

“U.S. experts never talk about agrarian reform; they prefer a safe subject, like a better water supply. In short they seem to prepare the revolution of the toilets.”

Because the poor can really do without clean water.

Blogs of the curious and interesting in an Erik Lund-ish way, and in a left-wing way.

Terrorism is boring. #BORED

A photo full of atmosphere:



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  1. Interesting to me to read that Paul Ormerod is an Expansionary Fiscal Contraction believer – it’s always annoyed me how he’s gained currency as a thinker about “the network economy” and “complexity in economics” but he’s full of random evidence-free Thatcherite-style prejudices about economics. (SMF Graph)


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