A slight return to Gambetta vs. Npower

Here’s Tory MP Greg Barker just giving up, giving up and passing out the talking points from his financial backers directly, without any further intervention on his part.

He may yet delete it, so:

Anyway, this reminded me of a blog post! Back in April, I blogged about applying great thinkers on strategy to dealing with Npower’s call centre. I can report that the revised bill came down to £48.

More to the point, there’s going to be a lot of whining and shroudwaving. I ask just this. The main thing people do all day at Npower, or whatever, is to put you off challenging the sudden £126/mo bills. That’s what the call centre is for. Is this a worthy occupation for perfectly ordinary people? I think not. Shouldn’t we be better than that?

Also, however crucial the Rough Gas Field storage facility may be, are people who spend their days thinking of new ways to stop your granny who still thinks it’s British Gas from changing provider really the best ones to be in charge of it?

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  1. Note for posterity; literally two days later, Npower were advertising on their website “Why Wait For Ed? Fix Your Energy Prices Now Until March 2017!”.


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