Respectful. Diverse. Compassionate. Fluffy. Thunkful

Bizarre question in a Labour Party survey:

we’d like to know how you feel about our values as a nation. Please complete this sentence: “Above all, I believe Britain should be…”

The options were:

  1. Compassionate
  2. Diverse
  3. Fair
  4. Pioneering
  5. Respectful

What are they up to? Presumably “Respectful” is meant to identify Hazel Blears fans, the sort of people Orwell said were drawn to socialism by a hypertrophied sense of order. I went for “Fair”; as with dumb insolence, I figured they couldn’t do me for it.

6 Comments on "Respectful. Diverse. Compassionate. Fluffy. Thunkful"

  1. It looks like they were trying to steer you towards “fair”, but ran out of ideas very quickly.


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