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Views on the new design, please. I especially want to know how many people are seeing which fonts.

You should, ideally, be getting traditional Helvetica for titles, headings, and such, and Open Sans Book 300 for Harrowell Typed Entertainment content. You may be getting nowt but Open Sans, or some other thing Windows blecched over my blog. I find it gogglingly weird that we’re still devoting precious seconds of life to cross-browser fucking fonts in the year of our Lord 2012, but eh.

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  1. The Open Sans looks great, but the Helvetica (while recogniseably Helvetica) is very low quality (FF19/Linux/KDE)


  2. The heading etc come across in “Helvetica” but it isn’t real Helvetica. There is a little tail on the lower case a that gives it away.

    Th orange text on white washes out on my screen. Overall, however, very readable after being nudged to recalibrate my monitor. (Safari 5.1.7/ OS X 10.6.8)


  3. Yeah, headings appear as Arial Bold on (ancient) Chrome on (even more ancient) Ubuntu, despite having Helvetica available.


    1. Ah, so Google products are weird? The browser on Android 2.3 blecchs to Arial or something similar.

      I can remember when you could rely on Mozilla, WebKit, and Google things to be standard and it was always MS that was look-mum-they’re-all-out-of-step-except-our-kid.


    2. One of these days I’d love to see MS break out in their accounts how much money they think they made by being special about things like CSS support and e-mail quoting all these years.


  4. How can you tell what fonts you’re seeing (I can only recognise Times New Roman by sight, and this FF doesn’t seem to have anything like ‘view source’ ?)

    With FF12 on Win2K it looks a bit washed out, the text is grey rather than black, on white background. Wouldn’t like to read it when I’m 80.


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