This blog has to move, apparently. Bytemark, Beasts, Squid, Linode, or somewhere else?

Jesus what an autumn. First e2fsprogs ate my HDD. I still have to go back and hack on that. Then we migrated the work e-mail, with the result thanks to Microsoft that although a load of archive e-mail has the right headers and Outlook knows this it still lists it as coming from me.

And ScraperWiki ran a bulldozer back and forth over a bunch of my stuff. I evacuated the code onto…yes, the Linux partition that got killed. Fortunately other stuff is on github. Now I’ve been given notice to quit the blog server. I think the MySociety folk are spending too much time hanging around with Tories, to be honest.

I never really finished the migration here, to be honest. Walter Benjamin in the command line.

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  1. Bytemark are excellent. £150/year for a VPS isn’t the cheapest you can get, but it is pretty damn cheap, and IMO they provide a superb service for that price.


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