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  1. Fascinating. I think I preferred the BT one, would like a play with the raw data. In the BT one in one of the maps with the UK divided into two it looked to me as though it split into 3 parts – London, Scotland and other – with two places outside London in the London cluster, I couldn’t quite tell from the maps but I have a feeling it was Oxford and Workingham. I can certainly believe that of Oxford, Oxford is London’s West Berlin, with many people not setting foot outside the ring-road except to go to London or one of London’s airports.

    Did you see the that the census decided that Southampton – Portsmouth is a new urban area http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_urban_areas_in_the_United_Kingdom

    Would be interesting to see the algorithm in detail, though I don’t understand how e.g. Lee-on-Solent can stop being part of an urban area unless some buildings have genuinely disappeared.

    Indeed, it would be interesting to see some sort of algorithm applied based purely on interpretation of aerial photos to derive urban areas.

    Then again there is the Blue Banana http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Blue_Banana ‘Ich bin ein Blue Bananaer’

    In small world news, I see you have Ghostweather in your raw input – I have known her IRL for 20 plus years.

    (PS the OpenID thing isn’t playing nicely with LJ for some reason)


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