Even more twisted obsession.

OK, so I’m weirdly obsessed with “Create Streets”. Here’s some more.

Will Fulford is a co-founder of The Urban Market Company, a joint venture focusing on mixed use developments of niche independent retail, workshops and market stalls. Its first acquisition was Camden Lock, one of London’s most iconic urban markets. Will is an Academician for the Academy of Urbanism, and is studying for a PhD on markets and their contribution to urbanity. Will is supporting our Development and Research programmes.

So how’d you become an Academician! of the Academy! of Urbanism? Well it looks like you get a mate to put you forward and then pay £240. Plus VAT.

What on earth do they want with Susannah Farrow?

Susannah Farrow is a producer and director of multiple BAFTA nominated TV series. She has worked for all the major British broadcasters. She specialises in factual entertainment and contemporary British society. Susannah is investigating programme ideas linked to Create Streets.

Sure she is, in Los Angeles per her Twitter feed.

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