This post by an American sociology prof about going to Soviet summer camp is so sweet it seems harsh and rude to point out that he is completely wrong about this:

I would love for the major players in the Crimean conflict to take a short bus trip over to Artek and spend a week or so as typical campers. I know this idea sounds naïve and idealistic but there is actually a sociological basis for suggesting it. According to the Thomas Theorem, if people define situations as real they are real in their consequences. In other words, the way in which we define the situation has implications for what we believe and how we behave.

It’s not that it’s naive and idealistic, it’s just silly on facts. Literally all the major players in the Crimean conflict – the ones who are actually having a conflict about the Crimea, like the Crimeans, Russians, and Ukrainians – enjoyed a Soviet elite education, so whatever it is they’re lacking it ain’t pioneer camp.

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